Larry Heaman | DERTS Faculty

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

Dr. Heaman's research focuses on the application of radiogenic isotope systems (U-Pb, Pb-Pb, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf ) to a wide variety of geological problems related to crust/mantle evolution through time. He is a pioneer of, and the world's leading exponent of high precision kimberlite geochronology and has dated over XX kimberlites across the globe. He has made major contributions to the use of the geochronology of basic magmatic rocks in continental evolution and in dating the evolution of eclogitic mantle rocks. Dr. Heaman was instrumental in establishing the Radiogenic Isotope Facility at the University of Alberta. Dr. Heaman served as Associate Dean for Research between 2008 and 2014.

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