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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

Dr. Luth's research aims to understand the present state and evolution of the Earth's mantle by high-pressure, high-temperature experimental studies and thermodynamic modelling. His particular interest is in the role of volatiles in mantle processes, and how volatiles such as carbon and water behave in the mantle. Dr. Luth is one of the world's leading experts of mantle C-HO fluids, and has contributed seminal papers on mantle redox, the formation of mantle carbonates, diamonds and kimberlites including 2 chapters in the Treatise on Geochemistry. He directs the C.M Scarfe Laboratory of Experimental Petrology. Distinguished lecturer for the Mineralogical Association of Canada in 1993, elected Fellow of the Mineralogical Association of America in 2008. Expert panel member for NSF and Associate Editor of the American Mineralogist (1994-1998). Editorial Advisory Board "Elements" since 2008.

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