Tom Chacko | DERTS Faculty



Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta





Dr. Chacko is a leading expert in stable isotope fractionations at high temperatures and their use in tracing the origin of carbonaceous phases. Has made fundamental contributions to quantifying carbon isotope fractionations between different carbon-bearing phases and has applied this to diamond-bearing mantle eclogites. Major review of the subject for the "Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry" Appointed to a Vargo Teaching Chair (2003-2008), 1998 Faculty of Science Award for Excellent Teaching, 1999 Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Associate Chair of Graduate Studies since 2008.

Dr. Chacko's research focuses on the study of metamorphic rocks, in particular the processes associated with high-temperature metamorphism and melting in the deep continental crust. He is interested in how these small-scale processes relate to the larger-scale process of continental crust formation and continental assembly. Additionally, Dr. Chacko works on the experimental determination of oxygen and hydrogen isotope fractionation factors between minerals and fluids.

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