New Criminology Program Information

High School applicants interested in Criminology can now apply directly to the program!
Admission for ALL applicants will be based solely on a competitive average and grade point average (GPA).
The renewed program will continue to offer a field placement stream, which will be available for already admitted criminology students through a competitive application process.


In the BA Criminology program there are two streams:


1. Course Based/Regular Stream:
Students in the course based/regular program stream take two additional criminology based courses and two additional courses from the second subject mix, compared to field placement students (see program requirements). Students in this stream will have opportunities (e.g., Certificate in Applied Social Science Research) to develop research based skills and potentially apply them in the community setting. Research projects through courses and faculty mentorship can provide hands-on learning. Students in the course based/regular stream will also have the opportunity for experiential learning through Community Service-Learning (CSL) courses and certificates in Arts (e.g., Certificate in Community Engagement and Service-Learning). Additionally, paid work experience through Arts Work Experience (AWE) is available to students in the course based/regular stream. Students are encouraged to attend information sessions offered by CSL and AWE to learn more about these unique opportunities, qualifications, application process, deadlines, and how to fulfill the requirements while completing their undergraduate studies in the course based/regular stream of the Criminology program.


2. Field Placement Stream:
Students in the field placement stream have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in a work environment through two field placements with criminal justice system agencies. The field placement component of the degree requires students to work two days a week for ten weeks with a criminal justice system or related agency. In addition to gaining work experience students are expected to produce a major research paper based on the practicum experience, working closely with a criminology professor, who provides guidance and support during the process.


Note: The BA Criminology Program is not available as an after degree program. Current criminology students in the program will follow the course requirements for the year they were admitted into the Criminology program. If you require further information, please speak with the Criminology Program Advisor or consult the previous program requirements