Betty Marlin awarded the 2020 Order of St. Stephen's College

Betty Marlin

St. Stephen's College is proud to announce that Betty Marlin has been awarded the 2020 Order of St. Stephen’s College in recognition of her life-long commitment to the vision of justice and compassion in the vocation of diaconal ministry in the United Church of Canada.

Please visit our 2020 Award Recipients page to read more about Betty and the contributions for which she is being recognized.

The Order of St. Stephen's College recognizes a person or group that makes or has made an outstanding contribution through leadership, advocacy or research in the local, provincial, national, or international context. Such contributions may be related to the improvement and nurture of society. Fields to be recognized may include education, faith/religious communities, chaplaincy, mediation, management, media services, the arts, health care, counseling, multicultural relationships, and care of the Earth.

Betty is the latest in a long list of United Church women who have been recognised by St. Stephen’s for their social, educational, and ecclesial leadership in Canada and around the world (see also our 2019 Honorary Degree Award recipients).