Public Presentation by Dr. Zinia Pritchard

Join Dr. Zinia Pritchard, Associate Faculty Member of St. Stephen’s College, at 7:00pm on Wednesday, January 27 for a public presentation titled: The Dark Night of the Soul and Covid-19. This present is part of the Crossroads Speakers Series, jointly hosed by St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta (Edmonton) and St. Mary’s College (Calgary).

About the presentation: How may the experience of pandemic be understood spiritually? “The Dark Night of the Soul and COVID-19” is an interactive presentation that shines a light on transformative spiritual suffering. It offers the spiritual theology of St. John of the Cross, through the power of images, to invite participants’ spiritual exploration of their pandemic experiences.

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About the speaker: Zinia Pritchard (DMin) is a Contemplative Practical Theologian and leads the profession of Spiritual Care at Alberta Health Services as Practice Director, Provincial Spiritual Care. She is committed to building capacity for spiritual health care across health professions. Zinia is a CASC certified spiritual care practitioner, a seasoned palliative practitioner, and a medical educator with a prior appointment as a Research Associate within Medicine. Her specialty area is the spiritual suffering of Dark Night within the palliative and end of life population.

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