Faculty Publication in Spirituality and Health

parattukudi-colorCongratulations to Augustine Parattukudi, Co-Chair in the Department of Psychotherapy and Spirituality, on the following publication in the Journal of Religion and Health:

Parattukudi, A., Maxwell, H., Dubois, S., & Bédard, M. (2021). Women’s Spiritual Intelligence is Associated with Fewer Depression Symptoms: Exploratory Results from a Canadian Sample. J Relig Health. Online publication.

journal_of_religion_and_health-news-story-imageWhile some evidence suggests a relationship between spiritual intelligence and depression, overall, research has yielded inconclusive results. We set out to expand the literature by further exploring this relationship in a Canadian sample. We also aimed to investigate the moderating effect of gender, shedding additional light on an interaction mostly overlooked in the current research. A clinical sample of 39 participants (66.7% female) completed measures of SI and depression before receiving treatment for depression in an outpatient mental health clinic. Results indicated that overall, there was a negative relationship between SI and depression symptoms (r(39) = − 0.55, p < .001); our findings illustrate that this beneficial relationship was driven by women. Future research of interventions aimed at improving spirituality as a means of reducing depression symptoms is warranted.

The full text of this article is openly available at the homepage of the Journal of Religion and Health.

Congratulations Augustine!!