Student Research

Theses and Dissertations

Bachelor of Divinity Dissertations (1908–1968)

From 1908–1968, the University of Alberta granted degrees in divinity, with St. Stephen’s College participating as the primary teaching unit.  During these 60 years, more than 100 Bachelor of Divinity Dissertations were completed, many of which are openly available through the University of Alberta Thesis and Dissertations Collection in the Internet Archive.


Graduate Theses and Dissertations at St. Stephen's College (1968-2010)

From 1968–2010, St. Stephen’s College has kept bound copies of all theses and dissertations. A full list of titles is available here for download.  The full text of any volume can be viewed in person at the College.  To access, please email the Assistant Registrar.

Graduate Theses and Dissertations at St. Stephen's College (2010-Present)

Since 2010, St. Stephen’s College theses and dissertations (titles, abstracts, and full text) have been deposited in the Education and Research Archive site at the University of Alberta