Impacts to position opportunities and recruitment as SET comes to an end

24 March 2022

Over the past year and half as the new operating model has been implemented in faculties and units across the university, roles and positions have been shifting and changing quickly. To ensure the university retained as many of its highly skilled staff as possible, we created the Position Opportunities page (POP) to alert internal employees to upcoming opportunities. Some of those positions were posted as expressions of interest (EOIs). This means they were restricted to support staff applicants in regular and auxiliary salaried positions, or who were within a notice period as a result of position disruption.

Since its inception, POP has been one of the most popular and well-used pages on the UAT website. With the processes put in place to restrict postings and solicit EOIs, we have been successful in retaining U of A talent, filling more than 84% of positions with internal candidates.

Although many transitions are still in progress, the main period of position redesign and movement of people is coming to an end. As the SET program concludes on March 31 and activity shifts to regular operations within the operating model, the SET EOI process and SET related hiring statements will no longer apply; as well, the Position Opportunities page will be retired. Both POP and the SET EOI will be discontinued as of April 1. Anyone interested in pursuing a new role should watch the Careers page for all available postings.

For managers, if you wish to post a position that is restricted to internal applicants, please indicate that when you Request a Job Posting. The posting will include a hiring statement that indicates the restriction. Hiring control statements related to budget cuts or collective agreements will apply as they normally do. To recruit from within your faculty, department or unit only, please engage with your HR Service Partner.