Student Stories

Meet Amee

Meet Amee, a UAlberta student from Oregon, USA. Learn about her experience playing rugby for UAlberta and how she's gained confidence from living abroad in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Amee came to UAlberta on a 5-year rugby scholarship and has been working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Recreation, Sports and Tourism (BARST) with the Faculty of Physical Education.

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Meet Leshan and Bina

Meet Leshan and Bina, two University of Alberta international students! Leshan came from Nairobi, Kenya to study Engineering at UAlberta. In Nairobi, Leshan studied at the Alliance High School (Brookhouse School). Bina came from Tanzania to study Psychology and Anthropolgy at UAlberta. In Tanzania, Bina studied at the Haven of Peace Academy. See what advice they have for their former classmates and learn about the UAlberta experience!

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Meet Yuzhe

Meet Yuzhe, a UAlberta student from the Shanghai Nanyang Model High School in China. Yuzhe is currently working towards his Bachelor of Science degree. Watch to find out what he loves about the Alberta weather and which winter sport he wants to try!

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