Master of Forestry with Specialization in Sustainable Forest Management

This program is accredited by the Canadian Forestry Association Board and allows graduates to apply to join the regulated profession as Registered Professional Foresters in Alberta or any other Canadian province, working in government or industrial organizations or as consultants.

The program comprehensively prepares students for a career in sustainable forest management and is designed to be completed in 9-15 months of full-time study, but can also be taken on a part-time basis over a period of up to 6 years.

Applicants to this program hold a non-accredited undergraduate forestry degree or a degree from an allied discipline such as environmental or conservation sciences. For a complete listing of prerequisites and degree requirements, see our graduate program handbook.



Why Study Sustainable Forest Management?

This degree specialization is for students who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to become effective stewards of Canadian forest lands. You will learn to manage forest landscapes not only for timber and other forest products, but also for ecological, social and cultural values.

Registered Professional Foresters are in high demand and earn premium salaries in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. Internships, summer jobs, as well as career opportunities for graduates can be found through these databases: UofA Career CenterAAFMPGov. of AlbertaGov. of CanadaForestry Jobs in Canada.

What will you learn?

This Master of Forestry specialization offers a comprehensive course curriculum that prepares you for a professional career in sustainable forest management.

The program starts with a week-long two-part field school, where you have the opportunity to meet your peers, your faculty, and a diverse range of forestry professionals:

  • Forestry and Environmental Sciences Field Skills
  • Forestry Field School for Professionals

The introductory field school is followed by a core curriculum of seven courses plus two electives that cover a comprehensive range of topics in sustainable forest management:

  • Forest Ecosystems
  • Silviculture
  • Forest Resources Management
  • Economics of Forestry
  • Forest Policy
  • Forest Growth & Yield
  • Integrated Forest Management
  • Perspectives on Traditional Knowledge (elective)
  • Public Participation and Conflict Resolution (elective)
  • Forest Health (elective)
  • Wildland Fire Science and Management (elective)

Participants have the option of a 9 month curriculum, where course work is completed in two academic terms. Alternatively, a 16-month curriculum over three terms with a summer break allows for a lighter work load that still qualifies for full-time student status.

Program costs and funding opportunities

The Master of Forestry with Specialization in Sustainable Forest Management is a self-funded program with a competitive tuition and fees. Participants pay instructional fees for Course-Based Programs with Standard Fees

Students who select the three-term (16 month) scheduling option for this program can take advantage of optional paid internship and summer job opportunities in the Spring and Summer terms (May to August).

How to apply?

To be considered for this program, follow the link below for a step-by-step guidance through the admission process. Note that you do not need to secure a supervisor or provide a research proposal to be considered for this degree program. Instead, upload a statement of interest.

In the on-line application system of the University of Alberta, find this program under the “Department of Renewable Resources”, “Master of Forestry”, “Specialization in Sustainable Forest Management”.


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