Master of Forestry with Specialization in International Forestry

Participants are educated in modern sustainable forest and environmental management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. Participants acquire an enhanced global view that accommodates multicultural and Indigenous perspectives on forest conservation and management.

Graduates receive two separate degrees, an MF with a Specialization in International Forestry from the University of Alberta, and a second degree from an approved list of degrees offered by European partner institutions.

Depending on the undergraduate background, this program can contribute to the academic requirements to be accredited by the Canadian Forestry Association Board and allows graduates to apply to join the regulated profession as Registered Professional Foresters in Alberta or any other Canadian province, working in government or industrial organizations or as consultants.

The program is designed to be completed in 24 months of full time study. Applicants hold a BSc in Forestry or a BSc in an allied discipline such as Geography, Biological, Agriculture, Environmental or Conservation Sciences. For a complete listing of prerequisites and degree requirements, see our Graduate Program Handbook.

Why Study International Forestry?

This program exposes participants to the complex interconnections between forests and global environmental, social, and economic systems. This field offers a holistic view of forest ecosystems across different regions, emphasizing sustainable management practices, biodiversity conservation, and climate change mitigation.

Graduates can pursue diverse career opportunities, including roles in international conservation organizations, international forest certification organizations, governmental agencies and research institutions focused on global sustainability goals, and private sector companies specializing in eco-friendly products and services.


European Partner Institutions

Under this program, student will spend two academic terms in Europe in an English-language Master program and two academic terms in Canada. They prepare a thesis or research project in the second year of their program.

Participating Euopean Parner institutions include: Bangor University (UK), University of Padua (Italy), University of Vienna (Austria), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and University of Eastern Finland.

Drawing from courses and research opportunities of both the University of Alberta and the approved partner institutions, participants will follow a personalized study plan that meets their interests and career objectives. (See this page for a list of approved institutions and programs).

Program costs and funding opportunities

The Master of Forestry with Specialization in International forestry is a self-funded program with a competitive tuition and fees. Participants pay instructional fees for Course-Based Programs with Standard Fees for both years at the University of Alberta, while international tuition fees of the host institution during the exchange year are waived.

All participants are eligible for Education Abroad Awards to supplement living expenses for the year abroad (approx $4,500). Students who study at the University of Alberta during their first year can also take advantage of optional paid internship and summer job opportunities in the Spring and Summer terms (May to August), and apply for scholarships and specialized awards after their second term.

How to apply?

Note that this program requires a pre-application, due on January 15 of each year for Fall term admission. See this page for pre-application details.

Once pre-approved by the European exchange partner of your choice, apply before March 15 through the on-line application system of the University of Alberta, and find this program under the “Department of Renewable Resources”, “Master of Forestry”, “Specialization in International Forestry”.