International Dual Degree

The Transatlantic Master program leading to dual degrees in Forestry, Environmental or Conservation Sciences (TRANSFOR-M) combines a Master's program at the University of Alberta with one of ten English-language Master's programs in Italy, Austria, Sweden, UK, or Finland.

TRANSFOR-M students will be educated in sustainable forestry, environmental and conservation sciences, with research and management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. Participants acquire an international perspective about economic and environmental issues.

Each student will spend one year in Europe in an English-language Master program and one year in Canada. Students obtain separate degree parchments from each of the partner universities for different programs, but through transfer credits the total workload is approximately 1.5× that of a single degree.

Eligible Masters Programs

All Masters programs of the Department of Renewable Resources are open to TRANSFOR-M dual degree students. Our programs cover the general topic areas of Forest Ecology and Management, Conservation Biology, Reclamation and Restoration of Land and Water, and Environmental Agriculture. At the European partners, the following MSc degree programs are available:

Bangor University, UK

  • MSc Environmental Forestry
  • MSc Conservation and Land Management
  • MSc Agroforestry and Food Security

University of Vienna, Austria

  • MSc Mountain Forestry

University of Padova, Italy

  • MSc Forest Science

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • MSc Forest Ecology and Sustainable Management
  • MSc Forest Bioeconomy Management
  • MSc Forest Science, Program: Euroforester
  • MSc Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife

University of Eastern Finland

  • MSc Forestry

For each participating student, we develop an individualized program plan that integrates research opportunities and courses available and the partner institution. Contact Andreas Hamann, TRANSFOR-M Liaison Officer Phone: (780) 492-6429, Email: for more information.

Eligibility & How to Apply

The normal admission requirement is a BSc in Forestry or a BSc in an allied discipline such as Geography, Biological, Agriculture, Environmental or Conservation Sciences. We also require a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

TRANSFOR-M applications should be sent to by January 15 for September admission. Electronically sign, or sign and scan the forms below and submit your application by email. Reference letters should be sent directly from the referee to

Successful TRANSFOR-M applicants will receive instructions in February to submit additional documents for full admission at both partner institutions.

The University of Alberta provides scholarship opportunities to supplement living expenses for the year abroad (approx $4,500). Excellent applicants will automatically be considered for a full scholarship ($17,000 plus tuition).

Participating European Partner Institutions

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå is recognized globally for its excellence in forest research and education. It consistently ranks as a world-leading institution in this field. Umeå offers a vibrant student life, combined with SLU's world-class research and teaching facilities.

Logo from Bangor UniversityBangor University, UK

Bangor University, established in 1884 is a renowned institution with a rich history and a focus on a supportive and student-focused educational experience. Bangor is located in a breathtaking landscape with panoramic views and is rich with history, culture and charm. Students will join the School of Agricultural & Forest Sciences.


University of Padua, Italy

The University of Padua is a premier Italian university, regularly ranked first among Italian institutions. It was founded in 1222 and is the world's fifth-oldest university. It counts Galileo Galilei among its notable faculty and Nicolaus Copernicus among its notable alumni.


University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna is a teaching and research center for renewable resources in Austria. With several campuses in and around Vienna it combines fundamental and applied research to enhance the knowledge basis for sustainable management of natural resources.


Logo from the University of Eastern Finland University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu is one of Europe's premier institutions to study forestry, with an emphasis on sustainable use of boreal ecosystems and forest technology. Students will be hosted by Faculty of Forestry.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact:

Andreas Hamann
Associate Chair Graduate Programs
780 492-6429