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The Alberta Diabetes Institute researchers are a multidisciplinary team of experts from several different University of Alberta faculties as well as the University of Calgary working together in our 5 areas of research to answer the difficult questions surrounding diabetes. This holistic approach to diabetes research aims to accelerate discovery of new treatments for people suffering from the disease.

Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences — Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science

Name Title Phone Email
Bell, Rhonda
Professor  780.492.7742 
Buteau, Jean
Associate Professor 780.492.8386
Chan, Catherine Professor 780.492.9939
Clandinin, Tom Professor 780.492.5188
Field, Catherine Professor 780.492.2597
Jacobs, Rene Associate Professor 780.492.2343
Mager, Diana Associate Professor 780.492.7687
Mazurak, Vera Associate Professor 780.492.8048
Prado, Carla
Assistant Professor 780.492.7934
Proctor, Spencer Professor 780.492.4672
Richard, Caroline  Assistant Professor  780.492.1563
Vine, Donna Associate Professor 780.492.4393
Walter, Jens Associate Professor 780.492.1182

Faculty of Law

Name Title Department Phone Email
Caulfield, Tim
Professor Faculty of Law 780.492.8358

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Name Title Department Phone Email
Agrawal, Babita
Professor Surgery 780.492.0929
Anderson, Colin
Professor Surgery 780.492.6036
Ball, Geoff Associate Professor Pediatrics 780.342.8465
Campbell-Scherer, Denise
Associate Professor Family Medicine 780.616.2560
Dyck, Jason Professor Pediatrics 780.492.0314
Elliott, John Professor Medicine 780.492.0895
Febbraio, Maria
Professor Dentistry 780.492.3066
Foley, Edan Professor Medical Microbiology & Immunology
Girgis, Rose Associate Professor Pediatrics 780.248.5482
Haqq, Andrea Associate Professor Pediatrics 780.492.0015
Kaul, Padma Professor Medicine 780.492.1140
Korbutt, Greg Professor Surgery 780.492.4657
Kurata, Harley Associate Professor Pharmacology
Lehner, Richard Professor Pediatrics 780.492.2963
Light, Peter Professor Pharmacology 780.492.0638
Lopaschuk, Gary Professor Pediatrics 780.492.1236
MacDonald, Patrick Associate Professor Pharmacology 780.492.8063
McAlister, Finlay Professor Medicine 780.407.1399
Oudit, Gavin Associate Professor Medicine 780.407.8569
Pepper, Andrew Associate Professor Surgery 780.235.5595
Rajotte, Ray Professor Surgery and Medicine 780.492.1212
Rayat, Gina Associate Professor Surgery 780.492.6894
Rosolowsky, Elizabeth Assistant Professor Pediatrics 780.248.5483
Ryan, Edmond Professor Medicine 780.407.3636
Sauve, Yves Associate Professor Physiology 780.492.8609
Senior, Peter Professor Medicine  780.407.1480
Shapiro, James Professor Professor 780.407.7330
Sharma, Arya Professor Medicine 780.735.5860
Sharma, Sangita Professor Medicine 780.492.3214
Toth, Ellen Professor Emeritus Medicine
Vance, Dennis Professor Biochemistry 780.492.8286
West, Lori Professor Pediatrics 780.492.3200
Wevrick, Rachel Professor Medical Genetics 780.492.7908
Yeung, Roseanne Assistant Professor Medicine
Yue, Jessica Assistant Professor Physiology
Zochodne, Douglas Professor Medicine 780.407.1680

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Name Title Department Phone Email
Simpson, Scot
Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice 780.492.7538
Ussher, John
Assistant Professor Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 780.492.9337

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation 

Name Title Department Phone Email
Boule, Normand
Associate Professor Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry 780.492.4695
Davenport, Margie
Assistant Professor Exercise Physiology and Biochemistry 780.492.0642
Yardley, Jane Assistant Professor Physical Education (Augustana Campus) 780.679.1688

School of Public Health

Name Title Phone Email
Eurich, Dean
Professor 780.492.6333
Johnson, Jeffrey
Professor 780.492.9266

Members Outside the University of Alberta

Name Title Department Phone Email
Johnson, Steven Associate Professor Faculty of Health Disciplines, Athabasca University 1.877.848.6903
Ungrin, Mark Assistant Professor Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary, Comparative Biology and Experimental Medicine 403.210.6203