Trainee Working Group


In 2018, a call was sent out to ADI trainees requesting their interest in forming an ADI Trainee Working Group (TWG) that could better represent their needs during their time at the ADI. The response was overwhelming, and a short time later an initial group instituted a Terms of Reference and nominated an Executive body of the ADI TWG. This is a significant undertaking for our trainees due to the diverse faculties that make up the ADI; however, the ADI TWG plans to host events and functions that will unify all trainees within the ADI, allowing for more collaboration and student networking.

From hosting various social events, to helping organize the ADI Annual Research Day event, the ADI TWG is already an active and vibrant part of the ADI. The ADI administration will continue working with the ADI TWG to provide ongoing support for summer students, undergraduate/graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, including career development and additional networking opportunities.

Research Day 2018 - ADI Trainee Working Group members with guest speaker, Richard Dimarchi, PhD