Change for Good

New visual identity unveiled in the Faculty of Arts

Donna McKinnon - 01 February 2018

"Whether through artistic expression, interdisciplinary research, community partnerships or learning opportunities with world-class faculty members and instructors, people in Arts don't just react to the changing world - they act as a catalyst for change itself." - Dean Lesley Cormack.

From the University of Alberta's bold beginnings as a small, prairie university to its ascendance as one of Canada's top five universities, the Faculty of Arts has been a foundational part of an inspiring story stretching 100+ years. As a result of a century of adapting and growing with change, the Faculty of Arts has become a diverse, inclusive faculty - a place for any individual to thrive or idea to be explored within the fine arts, humanities and social sciences disciplines.

The Faculty has been, and remains, a crucible for contemporary citizenship, forged in the breadth of study and research offered by our globally-recognized faculty and cross-disciplinary research activities. The challenge, historically, was not in the breadth and impact of the Faculty's contributions to society over the last century, but in its complexity, and the lack of recognition among key stakeholders - including prospective students - and the public at large.

We have an extraordinary story to tell, and now, a dynamic new way to tell it.

After years of innovative thinking and consultation about who the faculty is - and what it could become - Arts is introducing changes that deliver on our incredible potential to drive change, to be more responsive to student needs and expectations, and to contribute to the public good.

This includes a new five-year academic strategic plan, an enhanced honors program, broader experiential learning opportunities and revisions to the BA that will give students the flexibility to create their own unique path.

In anticipation of these changes, the faculty has developed a new visual identity that reflects the dynamism of the present and the momentum of our future. It is bold, relevant and distinct. It is colourful. It is complex. It is strong. This fresh new look captures the energy that comes from being not only a confident and diverse faculty, but an engine of transformation.

In telling and visualizing the Arts story in a new way, it is a truer reflection of the work that we do to realize the limitless potential of our students, faculty and staff - and the transformative power that the social sciences, humanities and fine arts has on our world.

It is change for good.

In the coming days and weeks, watch our website, social media pages and other Faculty of Arts promotional materials to see this exciting new visual identity come to life.