Fencing Club

The U of A Fencing Club is open to beginners and continuing fencers.

This Club provides an environment where members can practice and improve their skills. We are affiliated with the Alberta Fencing Association (AFA) and can provide assistance to individuals who wish to register/compete with them as well. 

The Club meets twice per week. Currently we only teach sabre, but members interested in, or with a background in, foil and epee are also welcome to attend and use the space. Practices generally start with structured drills and end with free fencing.

We also hold intra-club tournaments as a unique way to introduce and engage all levels of fencers! Register today as a member to participate in the competitive world of fencing!

Club Fees

* plus $35 non-refundable for wear and tear
† includes helmet, white jacket, gloves, and chest protector

Fee Type Student Non-Student
Spring/Summer 2023 Club Membership $35 $60
Spring/Summer 2023 Club Sports Program Registration $10 $10
Fall 2023 Club Membership $50 $75
Fall 2023 Club Sports Program Registration $10 $10
Winter 2024 Club Membership $50 $75
Winter 2024 Club Sports Program Registration $10 $10
Rental (full kit, 1 term)*† $40 $40


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Spring/Summer 2023 (May 1 - Aug 31)


Fall 2023 (Sep 1 - Dec 31)


Winter 2024 (Jan 1 - Apr 30)