Francophone Community

Did you know that, according to the 2016 Census, 268,615 Albertans speak French and 88,140 have French as their first official language spoken. As the only francophone postsecondary institution to the West of Manitoba, Campus Saint-Jean is essential to this francophone community.

Organizations of the francophone community in Alberta

Below is a list of the many organizations of the Alberta and local francophone community that serve, among others, the Saint-Jean community.

Association canadienne-française de l'Alberta (ACFA)

The ACFA is the spokes-organization for the francophone community in Alberta. 

Services :
  • Protection of linguistic rights and acquisitions to all levels of government. 
  • Community events, including traning or webinars
  • Support for francophone non-profit organizations
  • Services and resources for teachers (Projet accent)

Visit the ACFA website

Francophonie jeunesse de l'Alberta (FJA)

FJA est l'organisme par et pour la jeunesse (14 à 25 ans, inclusivement) d'expression française résidant en Alberta. 

Services : 
  • Events for youth aged 14 to 25 
  • Volunteering and working opportunities

Visit the FJA website

Francophonie albertaine Plurielle (FRAP) et le Portail d'accueil et service d'établissement (PASE)

The FRAP's mandate is to promote diversity and inclusion on social, economic and cultural levels for francophones and francophiles all the while offering services in French allowing integration of newcomers to Alberta. 

Services : 
  • Community events
  • Immigration advisors
    • Establishment and integration
    • Establishment within schools

Visit the FRAP/PASE website

Fédération des conseils scolaires francophones de l'Alberta (FCSFA)

The FCSFA is the group of four francophone school boards in Alberta to collaborate and advocate. 

Services :
  • List of francophone school boards and schools
  • Employment for teachers
  • Advocacy for francophone schools

Visit the FCSFA

Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta (RAFA)

The RAFA is the organization for artists, stakeholders, and organizations of cultural and artistic expression. Their objective is the development of all art in Alberta. 

Services :
  • Cultural events
  • Support for artists of all types

Visit the RAFA Website

Accès Emploi

Accès emploi is a francophone employment centre in Alberta

Services :
  • Employability support and the development of candidates
  • Job board

Visit the Accès-Emploi

Conseil de développement économique de l’Alberta (CDÉA)

The CDÉA is an multidisciplinary organisation specializing in small-to-medium businesses, community economic development, rural development, knowledge-based economy, youth and tourism. 

Services :
  • Mentorship for entrepreneurs
  • Support for small-to-medium businesses

Visit the CDÉA website

Réseau santé Alberta

The mandate of the Réseau santé Alberta is to increase the availability of health services in French.

Services :

Visit the Réseau santé website

Société historique francophone de l’Alberta (SHFA)

The Société historique francophone de l'Alberta ensures the preservation and dissemination of the heritage and history of Francophones in Alberta by promoting dialogue and liaison between practitioners and consumers in the sector.

Services : 
  • Resources and support for historical research
    Cultural programming and events

Visit the SHFA website

Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Alberta (AJEFA)

AJEFA is an organization whose mission is to bring together and mobilize Alberta's French-speaking jurists in order to contribute to the expansion of access to justice in French for all citizens of the province. 

Services pertinents :

Visiter the AJEFA website

Fédération du sport francophone de l’Alberta (FSFA)

The FSFA organizes various tournaments and events such as the Jeux francophones de l'Alberta, golf tournaments, volleyball and basketball tournaments, curling, etc. The FSFA develops and promotes various programs in the schools to get young people moving and to teach them healthy lifestyle habits through sports and nutrition.

Services :
  • Sports and community events

Visit the FSFA

Journal Le Franco

Since 1928, Le Franco has been the only French-language newspaper in Alberta. 

Services :
  • Freelancing journalism opportunities
  • Community information and news in French 

Visit the Franco Website

ICI Alberta

ICI Alberta is CBC in French for Alberta. 

Services pertinents :
  • News in French

Visit the ICI Alberta website

Edmonton's French Quarter

The Quartier francophone is a business revitalization zone located in the heart of Edmonton's francophone culture.

Services :

Visit the French Quarter website

Canadian Parents for French (CPF)

CPF is a national network of parents, volunteers and supporters dedicated to the promotion and creation of French second language (FSL) learning opportunities for young Canadians. 

Services :
  • Research in matters of bilinguism and immersion
  • Advocacy for immersion

Visit CPF

Fédération des ainés franco-albertains (FAFA)

The Fédération des ainés franco-albertains (FAFA) is the official voice of Alberta's
32,000 Francophone seniors and young retirees in Alberta.

Visiter the FAFA website