A Scholarship winner at Centre Collégial de l'Alberta!

Thanks to Réseau des CÉGEP et des collèges francophones du Canada (RCCFC), a $5000 scholarship was awarded to Haley Baker, a first year student in business administration technique program.

Étienne Alary - 29 September 2015

''RCCFC awarded scholarships to students who graduated from immersions schools and are enrolled full-time in a collegiate program. I am very happy that Centre collegial de l'Alberta (CCA) has a student among those who were awarded scholarships this year.'' Dolorèse Nolette, the interim director of Centre Collégial de l'Alberta, said.

It is worth noting that this scholarship helps students to:

Benefit from a quality collegiate training in French language and equally enjoying an enriching cultural experience.

Acquire language skills and cultural knowledge that will give them an edge on others in the labour market.

Discover and know more about the realities of a French community in a minority situation, while contributing to its vitality.

For Haley Baker, this scholarship is more than welcome. ''I am delighted to have been awarded this scholarship. With this scholarship, I can afford focusing more on my studies." The young student who hails from Androssan, a town east of Edmonton, said.

The official award ceremony will take place at La Cité francophone d'Edmonton on the 7th of November, 2015 during the Gala de reconnaissance Saint Jean.