The Alumni team: winners again!

This year's Classique Héritage, took place on 16 January in front of a crowded Donnan arena in Edmonton.

Étienne Alary - 11 February 2016

Since this was the fifth edition, the organizers opted for a modified formula. Rather than having an outdoors encounter, as was the case during the first three years, the game was held indoors.

Last year, when the previous year's temperature had prompted organizers to hold the 4th edition of Classique Héritage indoors as the game was interrupted because of a sunny plus 5 degrees Celsius, which softened the ice surface. This year, the decision to hold the game indoors had been motivated by the desire of the organizers to have a four period game. With temperatures of about -30 degrees Celsius (with the wind chill), this choice proved to be wise.

The Héritage Classique was played as follows: a team of Centurions played against the former Frontenacs / Golden Bear team for two periods for a total of 44 minutes of continuous time. After polishing the ice surface, a second 44 minute half game was played. This second encounter was played by team 2 of the Centurions against former Centurions (alumni of Campus Saint-Jean as from 2008 since the name of the team of Campus Saint-Jean students changed from Frontenacs to Centurions).

Alumni go wild

It would be no exaggeration to say that the spectators had to arrive early so as not to miss any of the action. Indeed, the alumni, Frontenacs / Golden Bears, team quickly took the lead in the second minute of the game, while Jean Champagne - the veteran of the team (1986 graduate) - opened the score completing a play by Pierre Hébert and Marc Potvin.

Less than a minute later the Centurions equalized the score when Kevin Wallin out played the opponent's defense by successfully stickhandling past the goalie Sylvain Larochelle, who had traveled from British Columbia just to take part in the game. Pierre Lambert got an assist on this play.

This goal by Wallin was the only moment of jubilation for the Centurions. Abandoned by his teammates, the goalie Keegan Paterson was often left to himself and the opponents took this opportunity to effortlessly inflict six goals to take a 7-1 lead after the first last. The scorers for the former Frontenacs/Golden Bears, Alumni team, were : Eric Thibeault (Jean Mongrain), Reno d'Astous (Marc Potvin), Pierre Bergeron (Reno d'Astous), Dan Bois (Denis Gravel), Jea -Daniel Tremblay (Dan Bois) and Marc Potvin .

Far from being discouraged, the Centurions played a better second half, which resulted in a 3-1 score bringing the total tally to 8-4. The scorers of Centurions were Pierre-André Beaudoin, Kevin Wallin, with his second of the game, and Liam Devereaux. While the first two goals scored were the result of a lone effort, the goal scored by Devereaux was a team effort with Josh Ajohn and Eric Bergeron assisting.

The alumni team answered back with a goal by Pierre Hébert (assisted by Denis Gravel and Pierre Bergeron).

A close game

As much as the first half was characterized by a loose game that resulted in too many goals, the second half was the opposite. During the first half of the game, Justin Mahé, assisted by Mario Giguère and Marcus Ivey was the only scorer for both teams. During the second half, Mathieu Coones Centurions (with a pass from Dominique Dumbledam) managed to score bringing the total score to 9-5 in favour of the Centurions.

The highlight of this half was the performance of the goalies of both teams: Jacob Bilodeau (Centurions) and Nathan Kohlert (former Centurions) only giving up one goal each during the 44 minutes.

No wonder these two goalies were named most valuable players of the game for their respective teams at the Banquet of the Classique Héritage, held later that evening. Kevin Wallin (two goals) and Marc Potvin (one goal, two assists), were named most valuable players of the first half of the first part of the game.

Winter Festival

The day before the game, players and members of the Francophone community were invited to the first edition of the Winter Festival. Organized by the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean (AUFSJ), this festival held at the Grand Salon of the Pavillon Lacerte, replaces the traditional "Bistro de la Classique". More than 130 people attended the festival, which notably featured students from Campus Saint-Jean: Kelsey Melledo, The Macs, and Megan Keirstand and Isaël Huard.