The Scientific Man of all Trades

Alex Schoeddert, a graduate of the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education combined program, certainly chose the right program at Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ).

Emilie Pelletier - 29 July 2016

Alex Schoeddert, a graduate of the Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education combined program, certainly chose the right program at Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ). In addition to his two passions, science and education, the young man is particularly fond of technology. Moreover, he was greatly involved in the CSJ student life, in such a way that it helped him leave his mark. Alex's dream? Teaching Chemistry 12 in French. Passionate about science, eh?

"With this undergraduate program, you are able to teach science in high school, either in English or French," Alex says. A native of British Columbia, Alex Schoeddert chose this program because he wanted to develop his scientific skills, while continuing studying in French. "By cons, it's a five-year program, and sometimes it's long because everyone graduates after four years. I had a good time, and I'm glad I chose this program," he mentions.

While at CSJ, the graduate took the opportunity to get involved at various levels to live as many meaningful experiences as possible. "For example, I worked as a lab instructor. This is an educational experience that I would never have had if I had been studying at the North Campus."

According to Alex, this is a real advantage. "I already have experience working with students and teaching science," he says enthusiastically.

In addition to his passion for science, Alex has a genuine interest in information technologies. "At CSJ, I had the opportunity to develop further my passion for computers and Web applications. I also had the chance to start a student club providing technical support to individuals," he explains.

His involvement extended beyond technologies. The young man was also involved in various CSJ student groups, such as Club des Étudiants en Éducation (Education Students' Club) and Campus Vert (Environment). "Studying at CSJ lend such diversity to my experiences, and this is invaluable," he adds.

Doing Better for the Environment

When asked what his proudest accomplishment is, Alex replies bluntly that he is particularly pleased to have collaborated on obtaining an environmental certification. "In the labs, chemical reactions require a lot of water, and I felt some sadness seeing how much water was being wasted. So I decided to design a gravity system that allows us to use less energy and reuse water," explains the young scientist. Thanks to this project, CSJ labs were certified Gold in the Green Spaces Certification Program, the highest level of certification.

Surely such participation and engagement in various aspects of the CSJ life takes time and energy. "It's a challenge to manage my time, given my self-imposed heavy workload. But it's a good way to learn to plan a busy schedule," Alex says. Especially given that he candidly admits having a hard time saying no to people. "I quickly become very busy," he laughs.

An Inspiring Journey

Turning to another topic, science student teacher keeps a lasting memory of his internship in Tanzania in May 2015. "This is something I will keep with myself forever, to have been able to teach there," he mentions.

This teaching experience was coupled with some community work. "We were teaching in the morning and building a science lab for the school in the afternoon. We were really working in the classroom with students and on-site materials," he adds.

As he talks about his trip in Africa, Alex remembers a funny anecdote. "On our first day, during the biology class, the teacher asked us to teach about sexually transmitted infections! We were not too prepared for that, but it was a good challenge," he recalls.

Another trip awaits the young man. At the end of this summer, Alex will leave for England to hold a teaching position he found south of London. "I will have to decide if I like to live abroad or if I want to come back. I will have to also ask myself whether I really miss Edmonton's winters. As I grew up in Victoria, winters here can get harsh," he says.

One thing is certain: Alex Schoeddert believes it is time for him to take a break to enjoy this British adventure. "It's going to be different from my internship, and it will challenge me."

What can we hope for this young man who seemingly has it all? "I would like to teach science in a French immersion school. There is a big teacher shortage, and that is very unfortunate. I know several students who left the immersion program because of this." We have no doubt that he will succeed.