Indigenous Education: students reflect on Métis history and culture by critically analysing art

Students visited Leah Dorion"s "Dancing the Earth" exhibition at the AGA

14 November 2018

In the framework of the the course "Indigengous Edution: Professional and Personal Commitment", students had the opportunity to visit "Dancing the Earth" exhibition by Leah Dorion, Métis artist from Saskatchewan. At the Alberta Gallery of Art, the students not only learned about Métis history and culture through symbolic art and the epistemology of the Métis woman, they also chose and reflected on two paintings that will be acquired by CSJ and will contribute to its impact. It was an important outing during which students were invited to decentralize themselves in order to reflect in a critical manner on engagement and theory in relation to practice. Keep your eyes peeled for these inspiring paintings that will soon adorn Campus Saint-Jean's walls!

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