Workshop on How to Prepare for an Education Job Fair Attracts Big Crowd

Full house for the seventh "Midi-Rencontre"

23 January 2020

On January 10, roughly one hundred Education students attended the seventh "Midi-Rencontre" workshop organized by the Education program. Sarah Fedoration, a consultant from Edmonton Catholic Schools, held her public's attention by offering students some practical tips on preparing oneself for a job fair. Among other things, she explained the importance of doing research on the different school boards before going to the job fair, identifying the ones they would like to work for, choosing school boards whose philosophies match their own, looking ahead and imagining where they would like to be in 5 or 10 years, and preparing well for interviews. The job fair organized for January 27 at the Campus Saint-Jean by Randy Lyseng, Director of the student teaching office, and Christian Tremblay, head of administrative services, will take place in the gymnasium and Room 1-31 of the Pavillon McMahon, and will feature representatives from 47 different school boards.