The "Cérémonie de la Lumière" celebrated the achievements of Campus Saint-Jean's Class of 2020

The traditional Cérémonie de la Lumière took place virtually and is now available to view.

16 June 2020

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Campus Saint-Jean and the University of Alberta were celebrated the journey and success of the nearly 150 Campus Saint-Jean 2020 graduates. Two virtual ceremonies were held on Friday June 12. The first, at 10 a.m., was the University of Alberta's 2020 Convocation, where the Class of 2020 of the University of Alberta officially graduated. The second, at 2 p.m., was the Ceremony of Light, a traditional Campus Saint-Jean ceremony during which the Dean transmits the Light, representing Knowledge, to the 2020 graduates, who in turn transmit it to the following class of students, who will be graduates next year.

The two ceremonies had been previously recorded in order to facilitate coordination. The Ceremony of Light was broadcast on two media, including a Facebook "watch party" which allowed viewers to react and congratulate the participants in community.

The musical background to the ceremony was an original musical composition by Jayana Lévesque, Olivia Ménard, Lisa Razkalla, three students who composed "En Transition" as part of Kristina Kastelan-Sikora's music class. "En Transition" was presented to the public for the first time.

Program of the "Ceremonie de la Lumière"

1. Welcome and introduction of Dean Pierre6Yves Mocquais - lighting up
2. Video - "En Transition" composed and performed by Jayana Lévesque, Olivia Ménard, Lisa Razkalla
3. Address by Josée Ouellette, psychotherapist
4. Speech by the guest of honor: the Honorable Claudette Tardif
5. Speeches of the promotion majors: Valérie Dionne and Mory Coulibaly
6. Presentation of Professors and Staff of the Year: Mireille Prévost and Pierre Rousseau, Francis Davoine, David Vergote, Thao Tran-Minh, Frédéric Boily, Ondel-Ansek Kay and Marica Fagnan
7. Speech by the President of Amicale Saint-Jean, Colin Champagne
8. Reading the names of graduates
9. Passation of Light with Chabrie Amyotte, Megue Annick Laure, Éric Bergeron, Keshia Gaudet, Gabriel Risbud-Vincent, Adama Sacko, Clarisse Bosco, Mohammed Bah, Ali Bérubé, Zoe Batson, Jacques Vincent, Josh Ajohn, Loua Nyankoye, Chaimae Mridi, Chanceline Makouate Moukam, Jayme Dalmann - accompanied by "Je te retrouve" composed by France Levasseur-Ouimet and performed by the Chorale Saint-Jean
10. Acknowledgments and conclusion
11. Congratulations from community members, with Laila Goodridge, Jean Johnson, Sheila Risbud and Randy Boissonnault
12. List of names of Graduates

Throughout the Ceremony, many members of the Saint-Jean Campus community took the floor to congratulate the Graduates and Graduates, including Catherine Dandonneau, Josée Ouellette, Colin Champagne, Samira ElAtia, Martine Cavanagh, Sarah Pelletier, Philip Worré , Juste Kagisye, Anne-José Villeneuve, Denis Fontaine, Patriciane Nankoua, Victorine Abe Mimbe, Marianne Jacquet, Renée Johnson, Paulin Mulatris, Natalie Herkandaal, Charlie Mballa, and Martine Pellerin.

Meanwhile, in the weeks leading up to the Ceremony, about 125 graduates were individually named and congratulated on Campus Saint-Jean's social media accounts, allowing the institution to shine thanks to its many graduation talents.

View the 2020 Light Ceremony on Youtube by following this link.