1.3 million in additional scholarships for Campus Saint-Jean

Campus Saint-Jean students will receive nearly $1.3 million in additional scholarships - the application campaign runs until November 13.

1 November 2023

Campus Saint-Jean students are set to receive nearly $1.3 million in additional scholarships this academic year.

These scholarships come primarily from additional federal funding received as part of a strategic application to the Official Languages in Education Program (OLEP) for student recruitment and retention.

All Campus Saint-Jean students will be able to apply via a process that will be communicated to them by university e-mail. Scholarships will be awarded on an equitable basis by the Campus' academic administration. Scholarship applications will be accepted until 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 13. In the meantime, a poster campaign will be running throughout the Campus to ensure that all students are aware of this.

The scholarships cover all areas of study at the Campus, and will be awarded to both French mother-tongue (FML) and French second-language (FSL) students. International students will also be eligible. In addition, scholarships will be reserved for aboriginal students.

This is the most generous bursary campaign the Campus has ever benefited from, and underlines the importance attributed to French-language education by the various levels of government.

For the Dean of Faculté Saint-Jean, Dr. Jason Carey, "these $1.3 million in scholarships will not only help our students, but also reinforce Campus Saint-Jean's attractiveness to French-speaking young people, who have a growing choice of post-secondary institutions offering programs in French. The combination of scholarships and bold, forward-looking programs make Campus Saint-Jean the go-to institution for those who want to make a significant impact on their communities and society."

Faculté Saint-Jean Vice-Dean Dr. Hassan Safouhi, added: "in an increasingly expensive world, we are delighted to be able to offer these scholarships, which will have an impact far beyond the finances of our student community. Our Campus' students will receive this assistance, which will enable them to focus even more on their studies in order to raise the overall level of excellence at Campus Saint-Jean, and better respond to today's challenges."