The 2023-2024 Teaching Excellence Award goes to Thao Tran-Minh

The Campus Saint-Jean Honours and Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Professor Thao Tran-Minh has been awarded the 2023-2024 Teaching Excellence Award.

6 June 2024

According to her vision of teaching, Professor Tran-Minh is moving away from ‘the vertical, magisterial transmission pattern prescribed for a classroom and is instead seeking to create a moving space for reflection, exchange and questioning in order to encourage students to excel, whether in their careers or in the role they will play in society’. In addition, it promotes ‘on the one hand, contextualised teaching approaches, supported by technology, aiming for knowledge that is open but structured, useful and functional, both in and out of the classroom. At the same time, with the aim of preparing students to play a meaningful part in society, it contributes through its courses to nurturing their reflections, curiosity and sensitivity to current issues."

Comments received from the student body are full of praise, such as ‘Thao is a very high quality instructor, she bonds with her students and makes learning interactive and interesting. The projects are well explained, very relevant and the expectations are clear. The two courses I took with Thao were two of my favourites of my university career!"

The winner of the Award of Excellence will receive an honorary plaque and a $1,000 grant for professional development related to teaching and learning.

For the Dean of Campus Saint-Jean, Professor Jason Carey, ‘the awarding of this prize and the comments received on the quality of Professor Tran-Minh's teaching underline not only the excellence of teaching at the Campus, but also the importance of a constantly renewed and innovative vision of pedagogy. The entire Campus community is proud to have such talented people in its midst, and we all congratulate her warmly."