Town & Gown event on Wednesday, March 27, 5.30 pm: Regulating Financial Markets in the Turbulent Middle East

Campus Saint-Jean welcomes Dr. Mohammed Omran, Professor of Finance at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, for a series of seminars. The next event will take place on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at Campus Saint-Jean.

21 March 2024

  • Wednesday, March 27, 2024, 5.30 pm: Regulating Financial Markets in the Turbulent Middle East
The speaker will explore the workings and challenges of regulating financial markets in the volatile socio-political landscape of the Middle East. Amidst ongoing conflicts and economic instability, establishing robust financial regulations is imperative to foster economic growth, protect investors, and ensure market integrity. The speaker will review the existing regulatory frameworks, identify the gaps, and propose harmonized regulatory strategies that can adapt to the unique circumstances of the Middle East. By drawing on international best practices and regional successes, the seminar aims to typify resilient financial markets that can contribute to the region’s sustainable economic development.

  • Friday, March 22, 2024, 1pm: Toward A Global Baseline Report on Sustainability Disclosures: The Role of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) - CSJ/LAC 3-04
The speaker navigates the crucial arena of sustainability disclosures amidst the burgeoning global focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. The discourse underscores the pivotal role of The International Sustainability Standards Board in fostering a standardized approach to sustainability reporting, which is imperative for enhancing transparency, comparability, and accountability across borders.
  • Friday, March 15, 2024, 1pm - Comparative Corporate Governance - CSJ/LAC 3-04

This seminar explores the landscape of corporate governance with a particular focus on the Middle East, juxtaposed against global practices. The speaker aims to unravel the unique intricacies and challenges faced in the realm of corporate governance within the Middle Eastern region, marked by its distinct legal frameworks, cultural norms, and economic structures. By delving into a comparative analysis, the speaker will highlight the divergences and convergences in corporate governance mechanisms between the Middle East and other regions. Moreover, he will shed light on the impact of these governance practices on corporate performance, investor protection, and market transparency. Through a nuanced examination of case studies and empirical data, the speaker will seek to foster a deeper understanding of how evolving corporate governance norms can be tailored to bolster corporate accountability, stakeholder engagement, and overall market integrity in the region.


Dr. Mohammed Omran is a Professor of Finance at Graduate School of Business, the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Prior to his current job, he served as the Executive Chairman and Chair of the Board of the Financial Regulatory Authority for 5 years from 2017-2022, and the Executive Chairman and Chair of the Board of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for around 6 years from 2011-2017. He was the Vice Chairman for Operation of the Insurance Holding Company for one year and the Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Stock Exchange for four years from 2006-2010. He also served as an International Board Member at the Privatization Agency of Kosovo for 5 years from 2009-2014 and was a reviewer for more than a dozen Economics and Finance Journals.

His area of specialization includes Financial Markets, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, and Privatization concentrating on the MENA region. He authored and co-authored around 40 papers and his work appears in several international Economics and Finance Journals such as: Journal of Economics and Business, Emerging markets Finance and Trade, Research in International Business and Finance, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Journal of Financial Research, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, World Development, International Review of Law and Economics, International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Investing, Emerging Market Review, Review of Accounting and Finance, and Global Finance Journal.

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