The second annual CILLDI was held on the Alberta side of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border at Blue Quills First Nations College. It ran from August 6th to 18th, 2001, and thirty-eight students from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories attended. Courses offered were:

NS 153: Introduction to the Structure of Cree for Cree Speakers (Instructor Donna Paskemin and Teaching Assistant Dolores Sand)

NS 380: Introduction to Dene Language and Culture (Co-Instructors Valerie Wood and Marge Reynolds)

LING 101: Introduction to Linguistics for Dene and Cree Speakers (Instructor Sally Rice and Teaching Assistant Brenda Ahenakew)

EDES 401/501: Literacy and Drama in Aboriginal Language Education (Instructor Lon Borgerson and Teaching Assistant Maureen Belanger)

EDEL 596: Planning for Indigenous Language and Literacy Development (Instructor Heather Blair)

A production entitled Waniskatan was written and performed by students and instructors of the Literacy and Drama in Aboriginal Language Education class. It was delivered trilingually in Cree, Dene, and English, and discussed some of the complex issues surrounding indigenous language use and loss and its impact on future generations.

Languages spoken by students at the 2001 institute included Cree, Dene Suline, Michif, and North Slavey.

Images from CILLDI 2001: