CILLDI 2010 ran from July 5th to July 23rd. Fifty-four students were enrolled in either one or two of the following classes:

Block 1 (July 5-14)

LING 111: Introduction to Linguistics for Language Revitalization (Instructor Darin Flynn, Teaching Assistants Kevin Lewis, Michelle Sims, Olivia Sammons)

LING 212: Morphosyntax of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Jordan Lachler, Teaching Assistant Conor Snoek)

INT-D 318: Technologies for Endangered Language Documentation (Instructor Christopher Cox, Teaching Assistant Ben Moses)

EDEL 496/595-B2: Developing Classroom Materials and Curriculum for Indigenous Languages(Instructors Violet Okemaw and Florence Paynter)

NS 380-B3: Socio-Political Challenges and Opportunities for Indigenous Language Retention and Revitalization (Instructor Vivian Elias)

Block 2 (July 14-23)

LING 211: Phonetics of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Ben Tucker, Teaching Assistant Corey Telfer)

LING 213: Sentence and Discourse Patterns of Indigenous Languages (Instructor Jordan Lachler, Teaching Assistant Conor Snoek)

INT-D 311: Language Policy and Planning for Indigenous Language Communities (Instructors Michelle Daveluy and Margaret Florey)

EDEL 496-B3/595-B5: Second Language Acquisition: Teaching Indigenous Languages in an Immersion Context (Instructor Ethel Gardner, Teaching Assistant Ben Moses)

EDEL 496-B4/595-B6: Assessment in Indigenous Language Classrooms (Instructor Alvine Mountain-Horse, Teaching Assistant Violet Okemaw)

In 2010, nine students graduated from the Community Linguist Certificate program.

Lesley Dawn Schatz Miciak, CILLDI student, published an article called the Metaphorical Canoe Trip to Decolonization (access the unedited pdf here).


The author of this paper was a past CILLDI student who recently completed a Master of Education. Lesley has been facilitating a variety of classes at Maskwachis Cultural College since September 2012. At present Lesley has been working at MCC for 1 year 5 months.
Here is what Lesley has to say about her life since CILLDI:

"Teaching at MCC is very rewarding. I love it! Looking forward to the new classes coming up in the next terms as well. This position usually allows me time to do my music, art and still heat my home with wood!
But, in the summers I am available to do editing and writing resource work if anyone needs those skills! As well, I paint (artistsincanada web site) under the name Lesley Dawn Schatz and continue to write and perform music. Thanks to all my past professors for all their inspiration!"


Languages spoken at the 2010 institute included Cree, Dene Suline, Dene Tha, Gwich'in, Inuktitut, Michif, Mi'gmaw, Nakota, North Slavey, and Tlicho.


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