Picture of red blood cells.


Division of Hematology

About Us

Hematologists focus on the blood and blood-forming systems, diagnosing, treating and managing blood diseases, of which leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma are the most common.  Hematologists also provide dianosis and care for hereditary and acquired disorders of coagulation like hemophilia, and hereditary disorders of red cell synthesis like sickle cell anemia. 

The Division of Hematology is the major hematology referral centre for the Edmonton region, northern Alberta, northeastern BC and N.W.T.

Contact Information

Divisional Director

Dr. Marlene Hamilton

General Hematology Referrals

Fax: 780-407-2680
Phone: 780-407-1584, Ext. 5

Cancer-Associated Thrombosis Clinic Referrals

Fax: 780-407-2680
Phone: 780-407-1584 Ext #4

Venous Thromboembolism Clinic Referrals

Fax: 780-492-8767
Phone: 780-248-2568

Executive Assistant

Gilda Stalker