Governance Structure

The Chair of the Department has created committees to assist in governing the pillars of the Department and main areas of work.

  1. Executive Committee, chaired by the Head of Department. Comprised of Associate Chairs, Assistant Chairs Finance and Administration.
  2. Steering Committee: Monthly meeting of all Division Directors, Assistant and Associate Chairs.
  3. Medical Education Executive Committee: is chaired by Associate Chair Education. Leads together with Assistant Chairs Postgraduate and Undergraduate Medical Education.
  4. Research Executive Committee: is chaired by Associate Chair Research. Main duties included: Oversees research programs, initiatives.
  5. Faculty Development Committee, chaired by Associate Chair, Faculty Affairs. This committee deals with issues of Career Development as well as policies of Faculty Agreement and FEC Guidelines.
  6. Academic Evaluation Committee
  7. Edmonton Zone Medicine Quality Council - Strategic Clinical Improvement Committee is chaired by Associate Chair, Clinical Affairs. This committee oversees the implementation of strategic clinical initiatives engaging various internal and external stakeholders.
  8. Clinical Faculty Promotion Committee, chaired by Associate Chair, Clinical Faculty. This committee provides recommendations to the Chair regarding clinical faculty promotions.
  9. Senior Management Committee, Chaired by Assistant Chair Administration, oversee all administrative matters of the Department.
  10. Department of Medicine Academic Medicine and Health Services Program
  11. Zone Clinical Department Executive Committee, chair by the Clinical Department Head, Internal Medicine. This committee oversees all clinical matters across the Edmonton Zone.