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Medical Education

Welcome to Medical Education, Administrative Services in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta.

In this section you will find information on our Team Members working in Medical Education, their roles and contact information.

Team Members

Doris Kurtz

Team Lead, Medical Education
13-132 Clinical Sciences Building
Phone: 780-248-1343
Email: medtmld@ualberta.ca

Medical Education Program Coordinators


Melissa Peters
Email: medncard@ualberta.ca

Cardiology RAH Site Administration
CBD for Dept. of Medicine

Tessa Cocchio
Email: domcbd@ualberta.ca

Clinical & Adult Cardiology Fellowships
Leanne Schell
Email: mecardf@ualberta.ca
Core Internal Medicine

Jennifer Aquin
Email: cimtwo@ualberta.ca

Kelly Bandla
Email:  cimone@ualberta.ca

Amanda Blouin
Email: mednim@ualberta.ca

Vimal Goundar
Email: mednendo@ualberta.ca
Daniyal Khan
Email: gi.education@ualberta.ca
Gastroenterology Fellowships

Vimal Goundar
Email: megastf@ualberta.ca

General Internal Medicine
Carrie Hlady
Email: medngim@ualberta.ca
Geriatric Medicine
Jennifer Staniland
Email: geriatrics@ualberta.ca
Jennifer Staniland
Email: mednhem@ualberta.ca
Infectious Dieases
Linda Semper
Email: mednid@ualberta.ca
Linda Semper
Email: mednneph@ualberta.ca
Tina Barnard
Email: medneuro@ualberta.ca
Occupational Medicine
Darlene Glaser
Email: mepocmed@ualberta.ca 
Email: electcim@ualberta.ca
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Tracy Bezanson
Email: mepphpm@ualberta.ca
RAH GIM Site Admin
Casandra Nero
Email: mednresp@ualberta.ca
Casandra Nero
Email: mednrhe@ualberta.ca
Solid Organ Transplant Fellowships
Leanne Schell
Email: medtrpf@ualberta.ca
UME (Medical Students) Year 3

Tammy Gargan
Email: medugme@ualberta.ca

UME (Medical Students) Year 4
Tammy Gargan
Email: me556ume@ualberta.ca