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Division of Preventive Medicine

About Us

Preventive Medicine focuses on promoting health. Specialists in the field focus on the elements that create health and prevent disease and disability. This includes evaluating evidence for use in decision-making, determining clinical and population-based approaches that promote health and prevent disease, and learning the occupational causes of diseases. Occupational Medicine, the intersection of health and the workplace, is a major area of activity for the Division of Preventive Medicine. It includes assessing fitness for work, evaluating conditions that prevent people from working or limit their work, and approaches to enable people to work.

The Division of Preventive Medicine is devoted to the prevention of disease and injury in the community and workplace through education, training and research both nationally and internationally, and to the provision of first class heath services and patient care. The division's occupational physicians offer in-patient and outpatient consultations. Other division members practise in the specialty of public health and preventive medicine.


The activities of the Division of Preventive Medicine include:


The Division of Preventive Medicine offers MSc / PhD / MPH training in occupational and environmental health through the School of Public Health and the Department of Medicine. We also provide residency training programs and continuing medical education. Faculty teach public health to undergraduate medical students and offer graduate programs in public health.


Faculty in the Division of Preventive Medicine have developed extensive records in etiological, intervention and applied research, often working in partnership with international funding bodies, government, industry, workers' compensation and charities.

Clinical Training

Clinical Services


Faculty in the Division of Preventive Medicine frequently provide consulting services and advice in their areas of expertise. Inquiries are welcome and can be directed to the Division Director.

Contact Information

Division Director

Dr. Sebastian Straube

Preventive Medicine Fax

Fax: 780-492-9677

Divisional Administrative Support

Jenny Chapman
5-30 University Terrace
Telephone: (780) 492-6291
Email: prevmed@ualberta.ca

Foundation Course in Occupational Medicine

Amanda Tytler, Course Coordinator
Email: omcourse@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780- 492-4006

Medical Education Program Coordinator

Tracy Bezanson
5-30 University Terrace
PHPM Email: mepphpm@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780-492-1366

Tracy Bezanson provides administrative support for the Public Health and Preventive Medicine residency program.

Medical Education Program Coordinator

Darlene Glaser
5-30 University Terrace
OccMed Email: mepocmed@ualberta.ca
Phone: 780-492-6771

Darlene Glaser provides administrative support for the Occupational Medicine residency program.

Medical Secretary

Kirstine Paisley
5-30 University Terrace
Phone: 780-492-4148

The medical secretary provides administrative support for the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic.