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The impact of Covid-19 on the health of healthcare workers in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Québec

The COVID-19 pandemic is a threat to the health of Alberta’s physicians, both through exposure to the virus and through the demands of practicing the best possible medicine under extraordinary conditions. Through this study we will document the risks to which physicians are exposed and the effects on their health now, as demands increase and when the epidemic has passed.

We are approaching every Alberta healthcare worker who may be exposed through work in in-patient units that are likely to admit Covid-19 patients together with healthcare workers working in family medicine, emergency medicine, ambulatory care or  in walk-in clinics.

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Funeral Service Workers and COVID-19

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic raises new challenges in occupational medicine for many workers. 

We want to better understand the risks for Funeral Service Workers. The COVID-19 pandemic period is indeed associated with a dramatic increase in fatalities and other important changes in job tasks for Funeral Service Workers. This may lead to an increase in mental health issues and job stress.

We will carry out a study to better understand these issues. 

If you are working as a Funeral Service Worker in Canada, you are more than welcome to participate by clicking on the link below

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Please read the information sheet to know more about the study. 

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