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Department of Medicine Strategic Plan

Several areas for improvement were identified at the Strategic Planning Retreat in June 2014 (view Strategic Plan Report).

Initially, seven working groups were assembled to complete the planning phase of the Department of Medicine's strategic plan whereby each report was approved and prioritized by the Chair and governing committees. Since then, the working groups have been amended to begin the implementation phase of the strategic plan.

The following three groups oversee the implementation phase of the strategic planning process: Faculty Affairs Council, Strategic Clinical Improvement Committee (SCIC), and Research Executive Committee. For detailed information on each group's specific area of responsibility, please click on the links under the Breakdown of Strategic Priorities.

DoM General Meeting Presentation

At the June 9, 2015 DoM General Meeting, working groups presented preliminary recommendations and received feedback. Click here to view the PowerPoint presentation. If you would like to get involved in the implementation of the strategic plan, or have any comments or suggestions, please contact François Bouman: francois.bouman@ualberta.ca

Breakdown of Strategic Priorities

Edmonton Zone Medicine Quality Council - Strategic Clinical Improvement Committee

  • >Ambulatory Care
  • QA/QI
  • Triage

Faculty Affairs Council

  • Elements of an Academic Career/Orientation & Career Development Curricula
  • Satisfaction Survey

Research Executive Committee

  • Clinical Research Database Core
  • Research Hub