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Division of Pulmonary Medicine

About Us

Pulmonologists diagnose and treat disorders of the respiratory system, including diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy. The Division of Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Alberta includes members dedicated to clinical care, education and research in Pulmonary Medicine. In addition to physicians and researchers based at the University of Alberta Hospital the Division includes members working at all other sites in the Edmonton Zone. The Division was founded in the 1960s under the leadership of Dr Brian Sproule and is now a vibrant Academic Medical Unit that excels in clinical care, education and research. Our mission statement read: "To be nationally and internationally recognized as leaders in health education, research and service in areas related to Respiratory Medicine".

Divisional members have prominent leadership roles locally, nationally and internationally. Members of the Division participate actively in the daily activities of the FoMD and AHS through various positions in academic and clinical committees and through leadership roles in the newly formed Respiratory Health Strategic Clinical Network.

Division members offer respiratory care for the Edmonton Zone covering both the inpatient (dedicated wards and consult services at all the major hospitals in Edmonton Zone) and outpatient needs of the Zone. In addition to our clinical care for the Edmonton Zone we offer tertiary pulmonary care for a large catchment area that includes Northern Alberta, parts of Northern BC and Northwest Territories.

Members of the Division do general Pulmonary outpatient clinics but also specialized clinics such as asthma, COPD, interstitial lung diseases, sleep medicine and others. The Division also includes two full-time and a part-time Allergist and offers specialized adult allergy care. Division members direct very successful specialized clinical programs in Lung Transplantation, and Cystic Fibrosis and are developing new multidisciplinary clinical programs. We operate the Pulmonary Function Laboratory at the University of Alberta Hospital that is the only lab to offer specialized pulmonary testing, such as cardiopulmonary exercise tests, exercise challenge tests and allergen challenges, in the Edmonton Zone.

Division members are involved in research projects covering areas from basic science to translational research, outcomes research and drug evaluation studies. Members of the Division actively involved in research are also members of the Pulmonary Research Group, a group that includes the breadth of researchers at the University of Alberta working on pulmonary related issues. Members of the Division hold CIHR, NSERC and other National grants along with local funding from AIHS and various charitable organizations.

The Division has also a major role in education from the undergraduate to the postgraduate levels. We are responsible for pulmonary education of medical students and residents in general internal medicine and have a specialty residency program for Pulmonary Medicine. Members of the Division also supervise graduate students and are responsible for organizing and directing graduate courses related to Respiratory Medicine and Immunity and Inflammation.

Harissios Vliagoftis, MD
Director Division of Pulmonary Medicine
October 2014

Mission, Vision, and Objectives


To advance the prevention and management of pulmonary disease through the integration of innovative patient care, translational research and education.


Our Division will create, disseminate and apply current and new knowledge to minimalize the burden of respiratory disease.


Patient Care:

  • Provide exceptional patient care and leadership in the application of new knowledge for continuing quality improvement.
  • Develop innovative approaches to improve patient care involving the spectrum of health care professionals.
  • Disseminate best practices and clinical innovation to best serve the medical community.
  • Providing care inclusive of the geographic, socioeconomic, and cultural diversity of Western and Northern Canada.
  • To engage patients in their own self-management


  • Develop and deliver education to patients, health care professionals, trainees, and the community across the spectrum of respiratory health and disease.
  • Utilize cutting edge theory of knowledge development and application


  • Conduct research that spans fundamental discovery, translational research, health care services, and knowledge mobilization.
  • Our goals are to improve patient care, clinical practice and guide health policy.

Health Care System:

  • Collaborate with health system stakeholders to develop and implement health care priorities in Alberta.
  • To improve health care services utilizing multi-disciplinary health care teams to address clinical needs of patients with respiratory disease.
  • Appropriate stewardship of healthcare resources.

Governance and Accountability:

  • Effective, representative, and accountable to our members, the University and AHS.
  • Use of Key Performance Indicators across the spectrum of clinic, research, education and administration.


  • Leadership in collaborative efforts to improve respiratory health through the engagement of stakeholders in the community, academic centers, private sector and government.
  • Leadership in responsible patient advocacy and improvement in respiratory health.

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