Certificate in Finance

In cooperation with the Alberta School of Business, the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta offers a Certificate in Finance. The purpose of this certificate program is to offer economics undergraduate students access to a structured program in the study of Finance. Over the years, students, alumni, and employers of Economics graduates have indicated that rigorous training in Finance would be a most desirable complement to the skills and knowledge acquired in the major and honors degree programs in Economics.

The Certificate in Finance is intended to meet these identified needs and broaden the opportunities available to Economics graduates entering the labour force or pursuing further studies. The Certificate in Finance is valuable for students interested in opportunities in finance, controllership, investment analysis in corporations and government enterprises, banks, insurance companies, government financial regulatory agencies, and other organizations specializing in financial affairs. The Certificate in Finance includes study of investors' choices among financial investments (securities), business asset management, choices among methods of financing assets, and risk management.

The Certificate in Finance will be awarded only at the same time as a student receives a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) with a major in Economics.

Program Requirements

Students must complete all existing course requirements for a BA Major or Honors in Economics.

In addition, students in the Certificate in Finance program must complete:

  • OM 352;
  • ACCTG 311
  • FIN 301
  • ECON 442 or FIN 412
  • ★9 in Finance electives, which include ACCTG 412, ACCTG 432 and 400-level FIN (see Note 2 below).


  1. ACCTG 311, FIN 301, or FIN 412 are prerequisites for all 400‑level FIN and ACCTG courses. ACCTG 311 and FIN 301 should be taken in the first year of the Cetificate program, and FIN 412 or ECON 442 should be taken as soon as possible. 

  2. Not all 400-level FIN courses are available to Certificate in Finance students. Students admitted to the Certificate will receive detailed information on Finance courses available to them.

  3. Students in the Certificate in Finance program cannot take more courses in Business than those required to meet the program requirements

For Admission Procedure see: