Tree Maintenance on North Campus — Feb 21-24

U of A grounds teams are working diligently across campus on necessary seasonal cleaning that preserves our landscape and keeps outdoor spaces safe and welcoming for our campus community.

Seasonal grounds cleaning includes outdoor cleanup, general maintenance, ecosystem assessments, hazard removal and pruning of trees, bushes and shrubs.


Seasonal tree maintenance and pruning is scheduled to occur on North Campus over reading week. In addition, the City of Edmonton will be conducting seasonal pruning on roads near North Campus.

If you are in the area, please keep a safe distance from the U of A grounds team who may be working in the area.


  • U of A grounds team will be working on North Campus.
  • Additional work by the City of Edmonton will occur on two public roads near North Campus: 87 ave and 114 street. For any questions or concerns regarding tree pruning by the City of Edmonton, please call 311.


  • Work is expected to occur from February 21-24, 2023 (over the Winter 2023 semester reading week)

What else

One tree located in Quad has been scheduled for removal due to non-recoverable damage that poses a safety risk to passerbyers. Before decisions regarding trees are made, the university works with an external certified arborist to assess the area and identify any preventative measures required to minimize disruption to the trees’ health structures and ecosystem.

Trees on our campuses are highly valued and tree removals only occur as a last resort when all other preservation options are unsuitable and/or the tree itself is no longer healthy and poses a safety risk.

The U of A is currently reviewing its tree program. Once the review is complete, consideration will be given to planting a new sapling on North Campus to replace the tree that is being removed.