Winter is still here (at some periods of the day): Watch your step and wear proper footwear

As our Alberta weather struggles to decide if it's winter or spring and starts thawing and freezing our campus grounds on repeat, please remember to watch your step and wear proper footwear.


You can prepare for the unpredictable weather! View our tips on how to prepare for the weird weather ahead.

  • Check your local weather app.
    Don’t get caught off guard by an unexpected drop in the temperature, and check the weather before you head out for the day.
  • Keep the flip flops in the closet for a few more weeks.
    If you can’t wait any longer, perhaps toss those in a bag for indoor walking and keep your non-slip, winter shoes on while walking outside.
    Need to store your things? You can rent a locker in HUB.
  • Leave early (if possible) and take your time.
    Speedwalking at this time of year is risky! Try to give yourself a little extra travel time if you’re walking outdoors.
  • See ice on a pathway? Waddle like a penguin to get by, and report it!
    Avoid slipping by waddling slowly across the ice (here’s a video by Alberta Health Services on how), and then please report it to U of A’s maintenance desk so the safety hazard can be assessed and removed before anyone gets hurt.
  • Keep a safe distance from U of A grounds team members.
    The grounds team will be making their rounds—accessing and resolving hazards to keep grounds clear and the community safe. Please keep a safe distance from anyone working on campus.


Across all University of Alberta campuses.


Now until the weather warms up for the season. This could be a few weeks from now (don’t get tricked by the false start of spring)!

What else

If you notice a hazard on a walkway, sidewalk or elsewhere around campus, contact the Maintenance Desk:

  • North Campus, North Campus Residences, South Campus, Campus Saint-Jean and Résidence Saint-Jean: 780-492-4833
  • Augustana Campus (including Augustana Residences): 780-679-1523
  • Enterprise Square: 1‑866‑254‑5349

If you are on a public street surrounding campus, please call 311 to report the hazard to the City of Edmonton.