Construction on pedestrian paths near SAB, UCommons and FAB

16 May 2023

Construction will be occurring on pedestrian paths near South Academic Building (SAB), University Commons (UCommons) and Fine Arts Building (FAB).


A few pedestrian paths on North Campus will be blocked due to construction work. Please keep a safe distance from active work and obey posted signage.


  • SAB pathway near the south exit. Entrance is through the SAB link.
  • The southeast UCommons pathway along 89th avenue.
  • FAB pathway next to 112 street. Only a portion of the sidewalk will be affected.
Image of map for UCommons and SAB with construction areas highlighted
Map of Fine Arts Building with 112 Street pathway highlighted.


Work is expected to begin the week of May 15, 2023

  • SAB is expected to be completed by July.
  • UCommons work will occur until Fall 2023.
  • FAB repairs are expected to conclude by May 31, 2023.

What else

Signage with alternative routes (where needed) are posted in the area.