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Assessment in our residency program is done using the Competency-Based Achievement System (CBAS). Competency-based assessment focuses on the demonstration of progress towards competence throughout training, rather than the assumption of competence based on time spent in a rotation (as has traditionally been the case in medical education).

CBAS is based on the belief that the most important place to assess competence is in the workplace. Additionally, we believe that formative feedback is fundamental to learning. CBAS is an assessment framework where multiple observations (captures of formative feedback shared with a learner on "FieldNotes") from multiple observers in multiple settings all provide evidence for decisions made about the progress towards competence of our residents. 

To learn more about CBAS, see the "How-To Modules".

eCBAS Login Pages

Grande Prairie Learning Site Northeast Community Health Centre
Grey Nuns Family Medicine Centre Red Deer Learning Site
Lynnwood Family Physicians Westview Community Teaching Site
MacEwan University Health Centre Yellowknife Learning Site
Misericordia Family Medicine Centre Community Family Medicine Sites



A mobile view is now available for eCBAS. The mobile view allows for easy entry of Fieldnotes on any learner from any clinical setting, no dependency on the internet and the ability to use your phone's dictation system. 

A FieldNote is written documentation of an observed experience with the learner which may or may not include direct patient interaction. FieldNotes help the learner, teacher and program track progress, identify potential areas of strength or weakness, and ensure sufficient sampling of clinical experiences.

FieldNotes are even more important now as we work during a pandemic. Our residents may experience unexpected interruptions and gaps in their training. Written documentation of exposure to and competency in experiences such as MSK, psychiatry, geriatrics or pediatrics could make a difference between programs being extended or not.

Ideally, FieldNotes should be completed once per half day. Some folks input one each day, some group them and input at the end of the week. It's best to have discussed the FieldNote with your learner prior to inputting it. However, do not miss a coaching opportunity! If you feel there is something that should be a FieldNote (positive or negative) do it, even if the discussion occurs afterwards. We also realize that junior learners often require more FieldNotes than our more senior learners. And learners... don't forget to read them!!

Click here for directions for use on Android and iPhone.

Click here to link to the Mobile View for eCBAS, and please bookmark the page for future quick and easy reference.