Resident Support and Wellness

Program Specific Resident Support

The University of Alberta family medicine residency program is demanding and comprehensive. A resident's success can be affected by academic, medical or personal challenges. We believe that resident wellness is key to resident success. Our program is proud of the fact that we have an Assistant Program Director dedicated to helping every resident achieve their potential. This position, currently held by Dr Joanne Baergen, is focused on identification of and support for residents requiring support so that all residents can be trained to be safe, confident, and competent physicians.

Dr Joanne Baergen, Assistant Program Director Resident Support and Wellness


Telephone: 780-492-2401

Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing (OAW)

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry recognizes the need for support for learners as they experience the excitement and stress involved in their journeys toward a career in healthcare. The Faculty offers support and resources for learners through the Office of Advocacy and Wellbeing (OAW).

Resident Well-Being Committee

The Resident Well-Being Committee provides resources and support for residents and their families to remain healthy for the duration of their residency program. A variety of resources can be found on their website under Postgraduate Resources

The committee has also developed the following list of available resources specific to residents:

Additional Health and Wellness Supports

The Faculty offers many other health and wellness resources for postgraduate learners. These resources can be found at: