Work, Study or Volunteer Abroad

Go Abroad


You may satisfy the intercultural experience requirement by studying, working or volunteering abroad for six or more weeks. "Abroad" means an overseas or location outside of Canada.

Where can I go?

Anywhere! U of A International and various faculties on campus offer a variety of programs. Check them out!

Does it have to be a U of A program?

No. International experiences organized by other institutions or organizations may count toward the CIL. International work or volunteer placements that are secured independently will also count, but independent travel will not.

I completed a study abroad that is less than 6 weeks long. Can I count it?

Yes, you may combine two abroad experiences to reach the 6-week threshold. In addition to your study abroad, add two weeks (14 days) to count your mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation.

I travelled abroad during high school. Can that count?

Yes, your time abroad during high school counts. Experiences that immediately precede your enrolment at U of A or that interrupt your university study will be considered.

I'm an international student. Does studying at the U of A count as my study abroad?

Yes, international students who are pursuing a degree at the U of A can satisfy the intercultural experience requirement by claiming their study in Canada.

How do I ensure my abroad experience is recognized by the CIL?

It's best to consult with a CIL advisor before departing to ensure that your experience will count.

Once you have completed your experience abroad, you will need to make a claim in the CIL Online Portal. International students can make a claim after they have studied in Canada for more than six weeks. For more information on making claims, visit our Resources page.