Live in I-House

I-House Mural

 You may satisfy the intercultural experience requirement by being an involved resident of International House.

What is International House?

International House (I-House) is a residence on U of A's north campus that houses both international and Canadian students. A member of International Houses Worldwide, the residence is an "intentional community built upon respect and openness that fosters global citizenship, socially responsible leadership and enduring friendships."

How long do I need to live in International House?

A minimum of one academic year.

Is residency at International House enough?

No. To satisfy the intercultural experience requirement, you must be involved in the International House (I-House) community. You can be:

  • An involved I-House resident: you can do online Orientation, attend I-House events and meetings, help out, get involved through the I-House Community Council, and even plan your own events. 
  • A member of the Facilitation Team (FT): FT is a group of volunteer residents who run the I-House Community Council, I-House's residence association, and spearhead programming and initiatives in I-House. 
  • A staff person in I-House: you can be a Resident Assistant (RA) or Global Education Assistant (GEA): an RA lives on each floor in I-House, and Global Education Assistants are hired each fall. 

How do I ensure my International House residency is recognized by the CIL?

Involvement in I-House is measured by participation in the GLIDe programYou must participate in 50 or more hours of GLIDe programming and submit a GLIDe reflection for each of the times you are participating or contributing in I-House. The Global Education Coordinator (I-House) will issue a letter of recognition after you have submitted all of your GLIDe reflections. You can then attach this letter to your CIL claim in the CIL Online Portal.

Questions about GLIDe? Email