Live in I-House

I-House Mural

You may satisfy the intercultural experience requirement by being an involved resident of International House.

What is International House?

International House (I-House) is a residence on UAlberta's north campus that houses both international and Canadian students. A member of International Houses Worldwide, the residence is an "intentional community built upon respect and openness that fosters global citizenship, socially responsible leadership and enduring friendships."

How long do I need to live in International House?

A minimum of one academic year.

Is residency at International House enough?

No. To satisfy the intercultural experience requirement, you must be involved in the International House (I-House) community. You could be:

  • A member of the Facilitation Team (FT) - FT is a group of volunteer residents who spearhead programming and initiatives in I-House. Positions on FT are typically reserved for returning I-House residents.
  • A Resident Assistant - a Resident Assistant lives on each floor in I-House. These are paid positions, hired by UAlberta Residence Services.
  • An involved I-House resident - Help out with welcome activities, attend cultural celebrations, and participate in I-House Community Council Meetings. If the activity is on the I-House Calendar, it counts! You must track your participation in the I-House Participation Template (xls).

How do I ensure my International House residency is recognized by the CIL?

Near the end of your International House residency, you will need to make a claim in the CIL Online Portal. For more information on making claims, visit our Resources page.