Faculty welcomes newest students

New undergraduate students, including members of 100th medical class, enjoy first week

FoMD Staff - 30 August 2013

It's been a milestone week for many undergraduate students at the University of Alberta as Orientation Week wraps-up at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. The newest candidates in medicine, dentistry, dental hygiene and medical laboratory sciences eagerly took another step toward their futures as health professionals. It was particularly meaningful for the MD Class of 2017 as students entering the program are the U of A's 100th class.

D. Douglas Miller, dean of the Faculty, took the opportunity to welcome and introduce himself to the his most junior colleagues.

"Remember that this is not a sprint; this is a marathon," he said, reminding the students that it's the new relationships, the joy of learning and the experience of practicum that truly mark the journey of an education in medicine or dentistry.

Orientation week began with an overview of the Faculty and its programs. Presentations included student-made videos from the previous incoming class, which were a favorite among the new students.

Other activities, like the Amazing Race and the Dental Summer Games took place as the week progressed. Medical students were fitted for clinical jackets and eagerly awaited the delivery of their stethoscopes. Fun after-hours activities, like concert night and a family games night, also took place each evening, giving students from all four programs casual opportunities to get to know one another.

"It feels more real now. Getting the [acceptance] letter is exciting but it doesn't seem like it's really going to happen. It seems like they might send you an email saying, 'Oh, just joking!'" first-year medical student Branden Ayotte said of his first week, a sentiment familiar to most of the incoming class. "It's nice to be here and know that you're supposed to be here."