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    Managing Responsive Aggressive Behaviours: Implementing and Evaluating a Capacity Building Process in Acute Care, Supportive Living and Long-term Care

    Grant amount: $200,000
    Lead: Suzette Brémault-Phillips
    Co-Leads: Mary Roduta Roberts, Steven Friesen
    Funder: Covenant Health, NESHW Innovation Funds
    Timeline: May 1, 2014 to March 31, 2018

    Project Collaborators:
    1. Misericordia Hospital - 4 West
    2. Excel Society - Balwin Villa
    3. Capital Care Lynnwood
    4. Bethany Care Society - Collegeside and Sylvan Lake
    5. Wing Kei - Greenview
    6. SCNs - Seniors Health, and Addictions and Mental Health
    7. Alberta Health Services
    Project Phases

    Phase 1: Project set up and organizational ethnography
    Phase 2: Implementation & formative evaluation of the Capacity Building Process
    Phase 3: Evaluation and Knowledge Translation

    Anticipated Outcomes
    • An Integrated Capacity Building Process - Interfacing resources from Behavioural Supports Ontario, with those from Alberta's Appropriate Use of Anti-psychotics Projects to develop a process that is attuned to the Alberta context, and useful across the continuum of care in the management of aggressive behaviours in the senior population.
    • An Alberta specific inventory of education and training resources (Behavioural Education and Training Support Inventory)
    • A web-based interface designed to support project participants and provide them with strategies, resources, training materials, and opportunities for networking to facilitate their ability to manage responsive aggressive behaviours.
    • Publications in clinically-driven, evidence-based magazines, including newsletters, regarding the development and use of capacity building strategies as part of best practice.
  • Previous


    Behavioural Supports Alberta Symposium 2016
    Funder: Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Grant: $2333
    Authors: Brémault-Phillips, S.
    Timeline: Jan. - June 2016

    Equipping care providers not regulated by legislation or governed by a regulatory body (CPs-NR) to more effectively manage responsive behaviours
    Funder: Alberta Government Health Workforce Action Plan (HWAP) Grant
    Grant: $328,437.00
    Lead: Suzette Brémault-Phillips
    Co-Lead: Mary Roduta Roberts
    Timelines: Approved; funding status changed to unfunded due to fiscal constraints of funder in time of economic downturn

    Advancing Behavioural Supports Alberta
    Funder: AIHS
    Grant: $3,000
    Authors: Brémault-Phillips, S., Friesen, S., Germani, T., Lee, J.
    Timeline: Jan. 31, 2014-July 31, 2014

    Advancing Behavioural Supports Alberta (BSA)
    Funder: Alberta Innovates Health Solutions
    Sub-grant: $10,000
    Principal Investigator: Brémault-Phillips, S.
    Timeline: 2013

    Challenging Responsive Behaviours Symposium
    Funder: IHRA Planning/Catalyst Grant: $4,000
    Grant: $4,000
    Authors: Brémault-Phillips, S., Sandra Woodhead-Lyons
    Timeline: 2012

    Related Projects:

    A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Electronic versus Paper-based Documentation
    Funder: Community Needs Driven Research Network
    Grant: $10,000
    Authors: Tse-Wing, J., Tam, K., Hanson, J., Mitra, A., Friesen, S., Lee, J., Brémault-Phillips, S., Meriel, A.
    Timeline: June 1, 2014 - Dec. 31, 2015

    Community Re-integration of Forensic Clients with Persistent, Chronic Mental Illnesses: A Retrospective Evaluation of Life Skills Training Programs Provided Through the House Next Door Society Residential Services
    Funder: CRGI Ideas Fund
    Grant: $8,000
    Authors: Taylor, E., Brémault-Phillips, S.
    Timeline: April 1, 2014-December 31, 2014

    Environmental Design that Supports Healthy Aging: Evaluating a New Supportive Living Facility
    Funder: CRGI Ideas Fund
    Grant: $8,000
    Authors:Friesen, S. Brémault-Phillips, S., Trotter, V., Rudrum, L., Wells, G.
    Timeline: 2012-2013

    Mental health education support for healthcare front-line workers in rural continuing care centres
    Funder: ACCTI
    Grant: $11,600
    Authors: Bampton, E., Ravnsborg, S., Wolkowycki, A., Brémault-Phillips, S.
    Timeline: 2012

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