Cannabis Use


Understanding Medical Value and Risks for Veterans: Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis Use

(2021-04-01 to 2023-08-31) Brémault-Phillips, S, Greenshaw, A, Sevigny, P, Zhang, Y, Hodgins, D, Hayward, J, Holroyd, B, Silverstone, P, Cao, B, Agyapong, V, Tait, C, Smith-MacDonald, L, Jones, C, Heber, A, Svenson, N, Park , R, Smith, P, Hosseiny, F, Thompson, J, Wells, K, MacMaster, F, Li, XM ($299,350, Alberta Innovates, mCannabis.RealWorld Program).

Understanding cannabis use by Canadian Veterans and its impact on their health, well-being and quality of life

(2021-03-01 to 2022-04-01) Brémault-Phillips, S, Heber, A., Snaterse, M., Hines, AG, Belanger, S., Jetly, R., Greenshaw, A, Sevigny, P, Zhang, Y, Cao, B, Agyapong, V, Burback, L, Carleton, N, Clelland, S., Greiner, R., Hayward, J., Hodgins, D, Hosseiny, F, Smith, P, Jones, C, Li, XM, MacMaster, F, Tait, C, Wells, K, Ferguson-Pell, M, ($115,000, CIHR, Catalyst Grant: Cannabis and Mental Health).

Predicting the risk of opioid misuses in patients using cannabis-based medicine and opioids

(2021-04-01 to 2023-03-31) Cao, B, Wang, M, Greiner, R., Zhang, Y, Greenshaw, A, Snaterse, M, Brémault-Phillips, S ($242000, Alberta Innovates, mCannabis.RealWorld Program).

Bridging the gap: Veterans and recreational cannabis use

(2020-10-05 to 2022-03-18) Brémault-Phillips, S., Greenshaw, A., Hayward, J., Silverstone, P., Agyapong, V., Sevigny, P, Jones, C., Hodgins, D., Holroyd, B., Cao, B., Tait, C., Smith-MacDonald, L., Heber, A., Svenson, N., Park, R., Smith, P., Hosseiny, F., Thompson, J., Wells, K., MacMaster, F. ($100,000, Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, Closing the Gaps in Cannabis Research)