PCL Lounge Policies and Procedures

The first of its kind in Canada - and one of just a handful around the world - the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science represents an interdisciplinary approach to scientific discovery that will facilitate a cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques as never before. Established scientists will interact with a new generation of world-class researchers and outstanding students, sharing sophisticated tools and state-of-the-art facilities. It is incumbent upon the Faculty of Science to ensure that this asset is protected and secure at all times.

Faculty of Science assumes overall responsibility for the safe and secure operation of CCIS; it is the responsibility of each individual user to ensure that the security protocol established by the Faculty of Science is followed explicitly.

Each "designated responsible user" will be asked to read the following security protocol and to sign as having read, understood and agreeing to comply with the protocols outlined below during the entire time of tenure in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science.

  1. Regular building hours for CCIS are: Monday to Friday 7 AM to 9 PM, Saturdays 7 AM to 6 PM, CCIS is closed on Sundays and holidays. CCIS doors lock automatically outside of building hours. If an event is scheduled to occur outside regular building hours it is recommended that the "designated responsible user".
  2. Liability for the theft and damages to the CCIS PCL Lounge will be in the hands of the "designated responsible user" during the entire time of the function, from the time the event setup begins to the conclusion of the function including tear down. Conclusion of an event is deemed to have occurred when the function has ended, all guests have left the building and the PCL Lounge has been cleared of all catering and special event equipment. It is also the responsibility of the group renting the facility to advise their guests to keep all personal belongings/valuables with them at all times as the Faculty of Science is not responsible for personal items going missing while in CCIS.
  3. CCIS maintenance staff is on call, but not on site after 3 PM Monday through Friday and on Saturday and Sunday. Please allow for contact and travel time when they are responding to facility issues that occur outside of regular building hours.
  4. If your event occurs during colder months do not prop or leave internal or external doors open under any circumstances. Temperatures just a few degrees below freezing can be cold enough to cause plumbing to freeze. The "designated responsible user" will be responsible for any service and repair costs resulting from frozen, leaking or burst pipes and all other resulting damages.
  5. All music and amplified voices (including live and recorded music, any speeches or presentations that use a microphone) occurring in CCIS public spaces must be noted on your application and approved by the Events and Communications Coordinator prior to your event. Approval is not required for presentations inside lecture theatres. The Faculty of Science reserves the right to cancel, move or postpone any amplified music or voices during your event if explicit permission was not granted prior to the event.
  6. All equipment installed in CCIS is the property of the Faculty of Science and may not be removed from CCIS without the written permission of the Faculty of Science Office of the Dean. It is the responsibility of the "designated responsible user" to arrange the existing furniture in CCIS prior to their event and all furnishings must be moved back to their original position before leaving the facility. Please note the furniture in CCIS may not be in the same position and location as shown in photos and floor plans. To have CCIS furniture moved or stored for your event please contact Supply Management Services (SMS) at dispatch@ualberta.ca at least two weeks prior to your event.
  7. All catering and event supply rental companies operating in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science will be under the authority of the "designated responsible user" while in CCIS. It is the obligation of the "designated responsible user" to ensure that all catering is cleaned up and removed from CCIS prior to the doors being locked up at the end of a function. In the event that the catering/event company is unable to retrieve their catering/event equipment and supplies immediately following an event, the "designated responsible user" will ensure that the catering and event equipment and supplies are removed from CCIS within twelve hours of the event's conclusion. CCIS staff will immediately dispose of any catering/event equipment or supplies left beyond these deadlines and the Faculty of Science is not to be held responsible for any lost or discarded items.
  8. If there are plans to serve alcohol at your event, a liquor permit must be obtained through Risk Management Services. There is a charge for this permit and both the Faculty of Science and Housing and Food Services require an approved copy of this permit. The Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science will not be made available until proof of this permit is produced. Please refer to the U of A, Alcohol Policy and Procedures for further information on obtaining a liquor permit. To apply for permission for your Department / Faculty / Administrative Unit alcohol event please fill out the online application at least 10 business days prior to your event.
  9. Postings or decorations are not permitted on the walls, doors or any other surface in CCIS (including hanging over railings) regardless of the type of adhesive used. Mobile bulletin boards, freestanding displays (such as pop-up banners) are permitted.
  10. If your event occurs after 3 PM Monday through Friday or on Saturday or Sunday please be advised that custodial staff will not be on site to clean up spills, empty garbage bins or replenish bathroom supplies during your event. Hiring additional custodial services is recommended for events over 100 guests and/or if food and beverages are being served. Additional custodial services are arranged through Facilities and Operations. (You will be required to complete and submit a Work Requisition form to Facilities and Operations and include a U of A speedcode.)If you need to arrange for additional indoor bins (e.g. waste bins, recycling bins, etc.), submit an online request via the submit a maintenance request website using your CCID.
  11. The building must be returned to its pre-event condition. Any additional cleaning required by staff of the University of Alberta or its cleaning service will be charged to the applicant (damage deposit will be withheld). A checklist will be provided as to the required cleaning the applicant must complete in order to avoid cleaning charges. University of Alberta staff or its cleaning service will report any damage and/or additional cleaning required after the event. If there is no damage or additional clean-up required the deposit will not be processed. In the event that the deposit is not sufficient to cover the damage or additional cleaning, the individual or group renting the facility will be sent an invoice. Faculty of Science administration will mail or destroy cleaning deposit refunds, or additional billing, within two weeks following use of the facility, upon recommendation of the Office of the Dean.