Thank You for supporting Mental Health Education for All People!

Happy New Years from St. Stephen’s College!

The numbers are in, and there is much thanks to be given for the generosity shown by the St. Stephen’s Community during our Chancellors’ Challenge!

With deep and sincere appreciation, the Co-Chancellors, board, faculty, and staff of St. Stephen’s College thank all those who contributed to our fundraising campaign. From October through December 2020, the College raised over $26,000, of which $20,000 has been matched, bringing our grand total raised to over $46,000!!

Opportunities to participate in our Chancellors’ Challenge included online silent auctions, College Spotlight videos, monthly “Sneak Peek” courses, sponsorship of Mona-Lee Feehan’s Run for Mental Health Education, as well as individual donations. We are so thankful to everyone who participated in these activities and who gave over $46,000 in support of Mental Health Education for All People.

All of us at St. Stephen’s acknowledge and appreciate everyone who journeys with us, lending their continued support through their time, energies, intellect, expertise, and finances. Together we are enabling the College to continue offering education that forms, informs, and transforms the whole person.