Certificate in Sustainability Integrative Project Gallery

Check out what our Certificate in Sustainability students have been up to in this website feature! Through their integrative projects, our students have explored pressing topics in sustainability such as models for teaching social sustainability and impacts of permafrost thaw up north. Learn more about all of their projects on this page, or head over to our Instagram page to see the project posts and more!


Marleina Schreiner - Waldschule: Growing the Roots for Social Sustainability.

Megan Uglem - Green Spaces for a Sustainable City.

Kate Marouelli - Emerging Social and Environmental Impacts of Permafrost Thaw in Northern Canada.

Updated as of October 22, 2021.

Marleina Schreiner is a Bcom student majoring in Business Economics and Law. After learning about economic sustainability through her work at Prairies Economic Development Canada, she switched gears to focus on social sustainability for her integrative project. Inspired by her love of the outdoors and her studies in German, Marleina is focusing on the unique structure of Waldschule (forest school) and how it can be successful in Canada. Swipe right to see what she learned!

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Kate Marouelli is a BSc student in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. She spent the summer working as a research assistant for the Catchment and Wetland Sciences research lab at the University of Alberta. After spending most of my summer in Northern Alberta and Northwest Territories helping various graduate students with permafrost thaw research in peatlands, she gained a strong love and interest for Northern Canada.

Kate's Certificate of Sustainability integrative project focuses not only on the environmental but also the social impacts of permafrost thaw for Northern communities in Canada. In particular, her project focuses how permafrost thaw in Northern Canada impacts water quality, climate, and infrastructure and health of Northern Communities.

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Megan Uglem is in her fourth and final year of a BA, with a major in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. Her project entitled, "Green Spaces for a Sustainable City" was inspired from how the world changed and the use of public spaces transitioned from mostly indoors to appreciating the open, green spaces within the cities we inhabit.

As you'll learn through this post, the importance of sustainable cities cannot and should not be overlooked. Sustainable cities improve not only the well-being of the planet, but also are vital for the livelihood of the citizens that inhabit it.

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